Because FAMILY matters

Your feelings are perfectly normal and through mediation we can help to keep you all communicating during this difficult time.

We know that the process of separating is painful. It’s likely that you have come to this site because you are in the process of parting, or at least dealing with, the painful consequences of separation. Many people experience an immense sense of confusion, loss and uncertainty as to what to do next.

We will help you both to come to the decisions that need to be made so that you can both get on your lives. We will also improve the relationship between the two of you if you’re not getting on too well - especially if you’ve got children.

You want to know that this process is going to give you tangible results. You want fairness, clarity and certainty about your new life and you want the conflict to be over.


You want to know that this process is going to give you tangible results, you want fairness, clarity and certainty about your new life and you want the conflict to be over.


We will steer you through the legal and financial processes necessary to let you move on into the new chapter in your lives.


We will help you navigate your way through this difficult time and look after both of you to the point where you will both feel optimism for the future and for your new, improved, co-parenting relationship.

Do you REALLY know what your children are experiencing?

Child inclusive mediation can help children to:
  • Make sense of the changes in their lives
  • Understand that they are going through a process that many people share
  • Express the feelings that are common at this time but that find hard to talk to their parents about
  • Develop a way of coping if they are caught in the middle of their parents’ conflict
Child mediation can help parents to:
  • Understand what is going on for their child
  • Understand the impact of the conflict on their child
  • Focus on working together for a better future for their children

You DO recognise that getting involved in some long drawn out legal process probably isn’t going to make things any better.

You DEFINITELY don’t want your children to be affected by your separation. In fact, it would be nice if your children/child could one day say they appreciated how you well you both managed it.

You WANT to work out arrangements for your children and you need to work out how you are going to afford it.

You WANT to get to a place where you’re not constantly thinking about this, and you do recognise that the other parent being upset and angry with you isn’t making your life easy either– it would be good if all of that stopped.

You WOULD like some peace so that you can get on with your new life without having to worry about what’s going to happen next.

You WOULD rather spend a fraction of the money that you would spend if you went through an adversarial legal process.

While your lawyer gets on with the legal aspects, allow me to help you deal with the emotional issues related to divorce and separation and the trepidation involved in the whole process.

I will happily liaise with your lawyer following your instructions, or if you don't already have one, help you find the right lawyer for you. The benefits of this process are:

  • Free the lawyers up to concentrate on their role thereby increasing the efficiency of each professional in the process
  • Identify and help with any issues that might otherwise impair the clients effective functioning and participation in the meeting
  • Make the lawyers aware of any potential stumbling blocks to the process
  • Help free clients from entrenched positions and to move forward to find agreement and compromise
  • Help the clients to identify what is most important to them, create goals and prioritise their concerns