Adults can get it wrong too!

It can be really difficult getting used to your parents going through a DIVORCE or separation.

It's normal to feel HURT and confused in this situation. You might also feel LONELY, anxious or depressed. You might WORRY about what will happen to you after your parents or SEPARATE or divorce.

Even though sometimes your PARENTS may decide differently, it's important that you're able to TALK about how you feel. Usually your parents will decide where you will live, and how often you'll see your other parent.

Child Inclusive Mediation

…What is it?

If your parents split up, you have the right to have a say in the arrangements they make for you. Some parents work things out by talking with their children and agreeing things together, but it’s much more difficult for you when parents disagree or can’t speak to each other.


When parents can't agree about who you'll live with, they might need help from a lawyer, social worker or a mediator.

A mediator is someone who's there to help make sure you're looked after and that everyone is listened to fairly. The mediator will talk to you first, in a conversation that is just between you and the mediator, to find out how you are doing and how you feel about things. They'll talk to your parents and try to get them to agree a plan for what will happen next. The mediator will talk through all the options with them.

They aren't listening - what can I do?